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Our Pharmacy Products

About Winfield Laboratories

Winfield Laboratories, Inc. was founded over 40 years ago to serve both the wound care and pharmacy market spaces with innovative products. Winfield prides itself on its customer relationships. Since its founding, Winfield’s policy has been that if something is not right, we will make it right.

Our Wound Care Products

Why Choose Winfield Laboratories

Winfield Laboratories manufactures a complete line of sterile, tamper evident USP <797> Compliant IV and Vial Seals, in addition to the newly designed Chemotherapy Seals and the C-it™ Syringe and Container Seals.  Along with Winfield’s commitment to provide pharmacies with cost effective, 100% USP <797> Compliant Products, Winfield also manufactures the N-Terface® Wound Contact Layer.

N-Terface® Wound Contact Layer is widely used on partial thickness wounds to help prevent the adhesion of the dressing to the healing wound bed, thereby helping to reduce the pain and time associated with dressing changes – making dressing changes  faster, easier and less painful!

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