SecurSeal®IV Seals

USP <797> Compliant From the original innovators of the IVA® Seal Pressure Sensitive Security Seals. The new SecurSeal® IV Seal delivers the performance, reliability and color selection you expect with the cost savings you need. Winfield was founded by the original innovators of the IV Seal Security Seals and we are proud to offer our USP <797> compliant and patent pending SecurSeal®IV Seals which will significantly reduce your costs.

N-TERFACE® Material

N-TERFACE® Interpositional Surfacing Material is a unique high density polyethylene sheeting. When used as the primary wound contact layer, the N-TERFACE Material prevents wound disruption due to the adherence by absorbent dressings, decreases wound shear and provides a “Window on the Wound” for visualization or cleansing and/or application of creams or ointments directly to the wound surface. Outer dressings are removed atraumatically from the N-TERFACE® wound contact layer. To help protect fragile epithelium, the N-TERFACE® Material may be left in place between absorbent dressing changes.